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Ballparks of Major League Baseball Poster


Product Description

Track Your Stadium Quest!

Alright baseball fans, now’s your chance to show your passion for baseball and the great stadiums of the major leagues! This unique baseball map displays all the major league baseball stadiums (past and present) throughout the country on a one-of-a-kind framed baseball print. Perfect for tracking baseball road trips and favorite stadium destinations.

Officially licensed by Major League Baseball, the baseball stadium map set includes the logos of all the major league teams, a listing of teams and their stadiums, and beautiful graphics that capture the spirit of the major leagues.

Available framed or unframed. 

Click to Enlarge!Framed: Framed in a dark, rustic wood this is a beautiful framed print to hang in any home, den or office. Finished size is 33" wide x 21" high . Track your ballpark travels through the usage of a custom pin set.

The pin set that comes with the framed print includes:  
-white push pins to mark visited ballparks
-a blue flag to mark the most recently visited ballpark
-a yellow flag to mark the next planned ballpark visit
-a green flag to mark the favorite ballpark visited

The pins and flags are placed directly on the map, which isn't laminated when framed. Another way in which the framed map is different from the poster is that it has red (AL) and blue (NL) dots to designate where each major league park is located. You simply push a pin into the dots to map your ballpark travels.

Click to Enlarge!
Unframed: 26" wide x 19" high. Fully laminated and includes a sheet of 40 baseball stickers that say "Been There" to mark ballpark travels.

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